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Voice Academy is a training company that offers RST - new educational methodology in the area of teaching how to use the voice. Courses can be held worldwide acc. to agreement. RST stands for Resource Speech/Singing Training.

Voice Academy targets all professionals who have a voice.

They are singing teachers, speech therapists, laryngologists, choir leaders, actors, teachers, etc. You must contact the Voice Academy because we know what knowledge you need. We can explain the use of the voice in a very simple way because we understand the substance, both in theory and practice.

Voice Academy has specialized in simplifying the teaching of how to use the voice in a way you and your students / clients can understand. The Voice Academy course gives you an overview of the voice that enhances your capacity to guide and teach others in the use of their voice. You get Voice Academy's own educational program and materials and learn a simple and comprehensive way to explain the complex structures in a very simple and logical manner.

Voice Academy offers you the educational methodology you need.
Simple and easy to understand for everyone.

At Voice Academy, we are highly skilled and at the same time able to use our own voice at a high level, and because we have been very critical regarding the learning process, we have sorted out all irrelevant content and made the relevant and interesting content much more pedagogic. We have researched and developed a unique knowledge and a unique teaching material.

It is singing and speech therapist Hans Toft-Olsen who has developed Voice Academy's educational methodology. He is also the author of the book "Styr på stemmen" (Control your voice) that is based on the same philosophy. One reviewer wrote:

"This book is a magnificent specimen of pedagogical mediation. No more, no less. If you have read many books about the voice and the vocal function and abdominal support and posture - and indeed I have - you can safely take a garbage bag and throw the whole lot out and let this little nifty case written by singing teacher and speech therapist Hans Toft-Olsen, stand back as a unique and functional evidence that it is actually possible to say much in few words and that it is not always necessary to render things more complicated than they actually are."

Voice Academy has laid the old and traditional conceptions about the use of the voice behind it. We wish to be more precise in our teaching methodology and we therefore avoid using traditional voice functions as belting, etc., because they limit the scope. Here is an illustration of the difference:

Trad. vocal modes

Toft-Olsen's Apple