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for speech therapists and all professional voice users.


for singers and singing teachers.

The course

Voice Academy has developed its teaching on the basis of strands:


  deals with the breathing and how we control the air pressure.   
  sits in the throat where our basis sound is formed.   
  how we transform our basis sound into language, expression and communication.   
  we must think the sound before we act. The right sound!   
  adjust your sound to the surroundings.   

For each strand, there are sub-items and when the course is over, you will be able to diagnose a voice so that you know which strand and which point you primarily have to work on in order to optimize the voice. You thereby become more articulate and precise in your pedagogy and criticism of those whom you work with. This applies to both speech and song.


The course is based on the five strands - ENERGY - VOICE - ARTICULATION - BRAIN - SURROUNDINGS. All strands and sub-items are reviewed so you that end up having an educational ballast that you can use with your own students. Reviewing ENERGY - THE VOICE - ARTICULATION - BRAIN - SURROUNDINGS and sub-chapters. By BRAIN we mean thinking. What is it we need to think about when we sing and how do we act according to that in a musical way? There are always exercises that support the examined subject matter. The strand VOICE will get extra attention, for this is also where all sorts of chorus sounds are formed.
We integrate the main points in a both speaking and musical context, so that the content becomes usable in practice. You will become able to hear any imbalance in a voice and you get knowledge on how to work with it. Students will speak and sing, and we give constructive criticism in relation to the examined subject matter. We also get around phrasing, vibrato, effects and styles.

Classes include lectures, exercises and problem-solving, with active participation from the entire team. The participants will get the opportunity to address problems from their own teaching and to discuss and review the reviewed content.

The course can be held worldwide acc. to agreement.
Price   Negotiable